Our company had a successful experiment of Shrimp Farming at Gharo, coastal belt in district Thatta, by Sind Livestock and Fisheries Department, the area emerged as an ideal place this lucrative business.

On the said occasion, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Maher, Director General of Sindh Livestock and Fisheries & Fisheries Department was with us. He emphasized that “Barron pieces of land of thatta’s coastal belt could beutilized for shrimp farming which would help country earn heavy foreign exchange on one hand while open new avenue of livelihood for the local people on the other”.

During a visit of journalists to a shrimp farm at Gharo, they were informed that babies of shrimps were put in the pond 110 days before and now they weigh three grams each. At present the market price of these shrimps is 930 rupees per kilogram.

Mr. Maher further said that 90 percent of revenue of Philippines and Thailand is generated through shrimp farming and coastal belt of district Thatta is an ideal place for the shrimp farming.

He said his department is providing training of shrimp farming to people here and such program would also be started in Chilya.

Deputy Director Mr. Saleem Akhtar stated that there is a big demand of shrimps in US, Japan, Germany and other countries and the Indus Delta is more suitable place than Philippines and Thailand for the purpose.

Mr. Akhter further stated that a hatchery for shrimps was established in Hawksbay in 2004; however their feed is imported from other countries.

The Deputy Director Mr. Hanif Soomro and other officers were also present on the occasion. The said efforts were fulfilled with the support of Talha Enterprises. Attached are the glimpses of the said event.

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