A RECEPTION IN HONOUR OF PAKISTAN – SOUTHERN AFRICA TRADE FEDERATION – At Port Grand, Karachi, Pakistan, Dated 17th April, 2019.

The objective to bring South African delegation to Pakistan is to increase Pakistani exports and promote economy: Muhammad Rafiq Memon

Karachi, April 17, 2019: Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Memon, Chairman Pakistan-Southern Africa Trade Federation has said that there is a great potential to increase trade between Pakistan and the Southern African countries. The objective of inviting traders and investors from South Africa is to bring foreign investment and increase exports to promote country’s economy. This will result in enhanced economic activities and generate employment opportunities for the people at large.


During the delegation level meetings, it was emphasized that Pakistani traders and industrialists should adapt modern techniques to introduce their products in global markets and market their products by participating in international exhibitions and trade events. Pakistan-Southern Africa Trade Federation is ready to facilitate Pakistani traders and industrialists in this regard. This was explained by him in a reception given to 17-member visiting delegation. Reception was arranged by Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Majeed, Chief Executive, Talha Enterprises and Skyways International at a local hotel in Karachi. Reception was also attended by Honorary Council General Morocco Mr. Mirza Ashtiaq Baig, Industrialist Mr. Mirza Akhtiar Baig and other notable traders and industrialists of the metropolitan, who exchanged their views with the members of the visiting delegation. Additional Secretary Agriculture Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Dhingra, Mr. Shakeel Jafri and others also attended the reception. Reception was followed with dinner and music. Moreover, Mr. Rafiq Majeed also presented shields, flowers and traditional Ajrak to the guests.